We are reading a play called metamorphisis. We picked an extract from the story and performed it to the class with our interpretation of that extract. in our scene i play as Mr s , Jethro is Mrs s and jack is Gregor. we interpreted the scene as me and Jethro offering jack money as […]

In this essay I will be explaining how Ron suskind presents the difficulties of cedrics education in part one and two of his articles. Cedric goes through many diffuculties when in ballou high and in MIT, in ballou high violence, drugs and gangs and in MIT peer pressure, confidence and hard work. Throughout the articles […]

Meter-stick (measured in millimeters) to make the accurate measurements A stopwatch will be needed to measure how much time it will take the parachute to drop. A clamp will be needed to hold the meter stick at the top. A stand to keep it straight because using a hand isnt accurate  

To strong parachutes Hi, my name is Javaun and I’m doing an experiment that WILL help your company make more money. I am already a qualified ¬†physics scientist as I have the electromagnetic badge . i’m intending to improve the control of your parachute. in order to improve the control of the parachute i have […]

In this essay i am exploring and comparing the use of language in person and over text. their are man clear differences and some similarities. The most interesting part is why we talk a certain way over text unlike in person. i will also be using various examples of real life text messages to anaylse […]

It was a normal Monday. I got out of bed. Brushed my teeth. Then had a shower. I dropped my sisters to school, as usual. It was only when I reached the bus stop that I felt it in my mouth. That disgusting taste. Last week I got my tonsils taken out as I had […]

Gladys ponsonybys is an unsually short woman certainly not More than 5 foot or nine or ten maybe even less than that one of those tiny persons who gives me, when I am beside her the comical, rather wobbling feeling that I’m on a chair

She seemed terribly nice, she looked exactly like the mother of one of his best school best friends welcoming him into the house for the Christmas holidays. She- noun seemed- verb terribly-adverb nice-adverb Looked- verb exactly-adverb like- adjective the- definite article of- preposition one- noun/pronoun his- ¬†pronoun best-adjective school- noun friends- noun welcoming- verb him- […]

Jays alarm went off at 6:40 “BEEP BEEP”. It was time to get up and ready for school. Jay got up rather lethargicly and walked slowly to the sitting room. His belly rumbled, he guessed he was hungry. He ate his normal breakfast, coco pops with milk, then flung his school uniform on. Jay continued […]